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Bizarre fact #1719:
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City squirrels will eat just about anything, and often, it's the junk food that people offer them that they prefer, like Cracker Jack peanuts. Many naturalists have concluded that a peanut diet is harmful to squirrels: it seems to result in a weakening of eyesight and a thinning of the animal's pelt.

Bizarre fact #2359:
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The fortune cookie was invented in 1916 by George Jung, a Los Angeles noodlemaker.

Bizarre fact #4352:
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Ukulele means "little jumping flea" in Hawaiian.

Bizarre fact #3308:
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Some china is called "bone" china because some powdered animal bone is mixed in with the clay used to make this china: it gives the china a special kind of strength, whiteness, and translucency.

Bizarre fact #1514:
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Babies that wear disposable diapers are five times more likely to get a diaper rash than babies wearing a cotton diaper.

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